Friday, December 23, 2011

I have a problem with my iPad’s sound

There is a strong likelihood that the problem is due to the iPad’s settings rather than a problem related to the application itself.

Actually, we’ve already helped troubleshoot this problem with other iPad explorers who experienced similar problems with their sound levels.  In those cases, it is sometimes useful to verify the following two things:

  • Next to the volume button on the side of your iPad, there is a small mute switch.  Is that button in the correct position? In order to have your sound switched on, the little red dot should not be visible.
  • In “Settings -> General -> Sounds” the volume level can be set manually.  Is it at three quarters of the maximum volume?

If you are still experiencing problems with the sound level in an application, we would need a little more information in order to assist you:

  • Do you recall having the same problem with other applications?
  • On which of the application screens does the sound problem occur?  On all of them?
  • What iPad operating system (iOS) are you using? You may have to update / restore the iPad operating system. More details here.

With these or other problems, we’re happy to help!  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at info (at)


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