Monday, November 21, 2011

Review: the ultimate protective cases to let the family iPad between the hands of your kids

Some of you will probably get a "family iPad" this Christmas. So, we thought it may be about time to release a post about top protective cases for the iPad / iPad2. 

Besides having the family iPad insured and laying down a few ground rules, you may also want to consider investing in a protective case. We conducted our own web search and found a few references that seem to be solid, fun and not too expensive. 
Our research about the best protective cases for the iPad is by no means exhaustive!  We encourage you to look around for what’s best suited for your situation and your pocketbook.  And when it comes to our top picks, it’s important that we make it clear that we don’t have any partnership or professional affiliations with the manufacturers of those products.  We hope to hear from you and add your suggestions for cases that meet children specific needs and requirements. 
Below is a short-list of our preferred protective cases for the iPad so far: 

For its funny design: iGuy for iPad by (*)speck - $39.95

For its colours and "gripability": Big Grips Frame by KEM Ventures, Inc. - $49.95 for both frame & stand 

For its funky design and ability to absorb shocks: iBallz by Friendly Integration LLC - $19.95 

Because it's a protective case and art table in one: LightBoard, the draw + write + play-with-your-iPad case - $39.99  

For its colours, materials (silicone insulation and durable polycarbonate) and screen protector: Aegis / Kraken hybrid series by Trident - $39.95 & 49.95 

For its ability to be attached to car headrests: Ektopad Silicon Case by üzibull

Found on The WaterGuard Waterproof Case from Trendy Digital - $19.99 

..."the last line of defense against geek’s worst nightmare: liquids which can be poured by mistake onto his beloved gadgets."

Picture: CNET TV

A soft plastic cube that bounces - Boing Boing! Seen at #CES2012 (release in March): the Inflatable Cube from CTA Digital - $34.99 
Click here for a demonstration by CNET TV.


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