Friday, August 26, 2011

Should I let my 3-yr old child use the family iPad?

The iPad is a great tool for having fun and learning, but as with any media its use should be framed in the right space, moment and time. By accompanying your child in their discovery of stories and games, you can help facilitate their interpretation of the images and text. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that: 

  • children under two have no screen time. They encourage 
More interactive activities that will promote proper brain development, such as talking, playing, singing, and reading together.  
  • children older than two watch a 
    maximum of 1 - 2 h
    ours of quality programs per day. These two hours of media time are considered "global" media time, meaning that they include background TV as well as any other activities via other accessible screens (computer, video games, DVDs, etc...).  

For more information on pediatric studies and recommendations: 
American Academy of Pediatrics (2001) Children, Adolescents, and Television. PEDIATRICS Vol. 107.;107/2/423.pdf
- Pooja S. Tandon et al (2010) Preschoolers' Total Daily Screen Time at Home and by Type of Child Care. Journal of Pediatrics.
- Mayo Clinic (...) Children and TV: Limiting your child's screen time 

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The AAP updated their recommendation on Kids and media in october 2011. You can read our post at

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